Real Poetry

The statue of The Muse of Poetry by Edward Onslow-Ford introduces our section on Poetry. (Interesting that the Muse is naked – which would at least have considerably enlivened some of the poetry readings we have attended.)

When is Poetry not poetry? When it has no rhyme or rhythm! Join our Campaign for Real Poetry and turn away from free verse! We will present some examples of modern old-fashioned poems here (and welcome submissions from you).

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  • On receiving a book for my birthday

    On receiving a book for my birthdayA small and humorous tribute to the “worst poet in the English language”, William McGonagall, penned by my father as a thank you note on receiving a book of the poet’s collected works for his birthday. More...
  • Phoenix

    PhoenixThis poem sounds suicidal but was more influenced by science fiction such as the Lensman series, where the human mind breaks free of bodily constraint. It’s not great but I was young at the time… More...
  • Campaign for Real Poetry (CaRP)

    Campaign for Real Poetry (CaRP) When is poetry not poetry? When it has no rhythm or rhyme. We here at Simplicated are acknowledged Old Farts – and Grumpy Old Farts at that. And one of the things we grump at is poetry – or what seems to pass for poetry these days. More...