Contemporary Or Modern Poetical Literature In Contemporary and Technical English Dialectic

Welcome to COMPLICATED – a celebration of jargon, verbosity and sesquipedalian prose. Embrace the terminological proliferation and obfuscation of COMPLICATED – the future of the English language! We present some examples of familiar literature rewritten in the COMPLICATED style, so as to enable today’s lovers of all forms of newspeak to enjoy them in their more obscure forms. We will also offer real life examples as and when these are brought to our attention!

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  • To a Mouse (Robert Burns)

    To a Mouse (Robert Burns)One might argue that old Scottish dialect is incomprehensible enough to a modern Briton without the need for COMPLICATED, but that misses the point: COMPLICATED should not prevent understanding, merely dress in important-sounding language for maximum pomposity! More...
  • Daffodils (William Wordsworth)

    Daffodils (William Wordsworth)Daffodils is one of the nation’s favourite poems, but we feel it can be improved by rendering it in COMPLICATED form. For those whose mental ear is not yet attuned to COMPLICATED, we include the original for comparison. More...
  • What is COMPLICATED?

    What is COMPLICATED?COMPLICATED – Classical Or Modern Poetical Literature In Contemporary and Technical English Dialectic. What is it all about? A celebration of the genre! More...

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