This poem sounds suicidal but was more influenced by science fiction such as the Lensman series, where the human mind breaks free of bodily constraint. It’s not great but I was young at the time…

My empty face stares through the lonely sky
Until the window mists and the world is gone.
How have I come to gain such loss? I sigh.
I had nothing, now I have to want.

The dull red sun drags out its time
Behind drapes of trees, hanging from the ground.
Scattered cloud friends stop, are shocked by the blush,
But run on before the fretting wind. I frown.

I am the dying sun, I’ve lived out my day.
Yes, I’ve spread sunshine , but seen some rain:
The ink-washed address of love’s friendship is lost,
Leaves a vacant calm sky with a spreading bloodstain.

I fling through the window and fall to my dawn:
The world sorrows shattered glass ruby-red tears.
As timelessness takes me I know what I’ve gained:
For what is a day when there’s thousands of years?


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